Can you consume nicotine in any form and still be living a healthy lifestyle?

Are e-cigarettes the answer?

One of the biggest fads ins some time is e-cigarettes. They are so prevalent now and there are so many e-cig shops that it is hard to imagine that anyone is not familiar with them. The sales pitch is that they are safer than smoking cigarettes, or that it can fill the need for nicotine in a person with a tobacco addiction without the dangers of the tar and smoke found in smoking tobacco.

Is replacing one form of nicotine with another creating ultimate health?cigarette-butts-167850_150

 But if you are trying to live a healthy, organic lifestyle, are e-cigarettes really a smart choice. Despite what proponents say, nicotine is a toxin and is highly addictive. It was widely used as an insecticide years ago. Consumption of nicotine can raise blood pressure and heart rate and is a definite stimulant.

In addition, e-cigarettes are too new to have any long term studies on health consequences of regular use. The mixtures are basically unregulated by the FDA or anyone else, so what people are breathing in other than the nicotine vapors is questionable. For the most part, these mixtures usually consist of food grad propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The substances themselves are generally considered safe for consumption but inhaling them is a large unknown.

If you are embarked on a quest to clean up your diet, incorporating organic foods and cutting out sugar, etc., it seems disingenuous to use e-cigarettes. It makes no sense to rid your body of toxins and chemicals in your diet and then inhale them. Thus if you are really wanting to get your body clean, the best bet is to give up nicotine all together.

Now what? How to quit without suffering?

 Granted, that is easier said than done for some people as smoking can be a really tough habit to break and nicotine is very addictive. Out of all the various techniques for quitting smoking without the use of drugs of chemicals, hypnosis seems to be the most pain free method. The beauty of quitting smoking using hypnosis is it seems to lessen the suffering during the withdrawal phase of becoming tobacco free.

We recently came across this hypnosis site for a hypnotist in Central Florida  and it seems to speak to the benefits of hypnosis to stop smoking. (Also a pretty good video about the same hypnotist, Diane Ross.

Almost any city in the U.S. will have a qualified hypnotist available. You can do a search on the web for your city and check them out. It might be good to make sure that whatever hypnotist you choose, you select one with a track record and success in smoking cessation. Our quick check for a few cities showed a preponderance of choices. The National Guild of Hypnotists has an online form you can fill out to be contacted by someone in your area if you can’t locate anyone.  But regardless, the bottom line is, please quit smoking. It is deadly, the damaging effects are too many to even list. It is our opinion that if you are shooting for the healthy lifestyle, probably e-cigarettes are not a path we would advise. Best to get clean and really experience the benefits of an organic lifestyle and real health!

What do you say to proponents of genetically modified crops?

If you are  having a hard time debating GMO supporters, here is a great little video that debunks five of the main points brought up by supporters of GMOs. I especially like the response of the young girl to the industry mouthpiece at the end on a television story.

The real problem is that most all of the studies on GMOs have been done by either the industry itself (ie. Monsanto). Because of patent and copyright laws, scientists must ask permission before publishing studies about these legally protected organisms, so most studies that are negative are never seen. For a chilling article that really goes into depth about how opposing studies are stifled and how our government curiously takes Monsanto’s side in all investigations and regulations read this in depth article.

One of the big problem with the GMOs most commonly produced, “Roundup Ready”, is the massive increase in the herbicide, Glyphosate. The above mentioned article goes into great depth about the ever mounting environmental and health impact it is starting to show on our plants, animals and ourselves. If nothing else there is a growing belief that the bee die off we are experiencing may be related to the huge amounts of this herbicide in our environment, especially our water supply.

You don’t have to be a believer in conspiracy theories to wonder about the bizarre behavior of our government agencies love affair with GMOs. It is well documented that the top people in so many agencies of the federal government are ex executives for companies like Monsanto or have ties to companies like them. Obama appointed an ex vice president of Monsanto (and also lobbyist) as head of the FDA. Who do you think the FDA is looking our for? You?


Diet and Mental Health

It’s a cliche, but you really are what you eat!

Here is a great little video discussing the idea that Mental Health, Especially depression can be affected by your diet.

The video says it all, but in a nutshell, it is pretty hard to feel good mentally when you feel sick or tired. You need energy and health to cultivate a true sense of well being. Of course there can be much more to this than just feeling good physically such as the effect of toxic chemicals in non organic foods on the brain and the rest of the body. That is another topic for another day that will require much more in depth discussion. In the meantime,  here is a good article on diet and mental health that delves into the subject more deeply.

Yes eating organic matters.

What about the negative studies?

The debate over the health benefits of eating organic foods continue to rage on. Proponents claim subjective feelings of increasing health effects and the much better taste of organic produce, while opponents wave studies in the air that seem to counter such claims. A most recent study from Stanford seems to indicate that there are no discernible benefits to eating organic foods. But that and other studies have been seriously called into question. A very good rebuttal and enlightening article that points out the many flaws in the Stanford study can be found at the New York Times here.

Who can we trust?

If we research the issue, there are many studies that indicate proven benefits of eating an organic diet. Unfortunately for us in the the United States, our EPA and other government dna-19325_640agencies have been a revolving door for chemical and agriculture giant corporations such as Monsanto, Dow and others. It is sickening to see the cronyism that guides our rules, regulations and funding for studies regarding our agricultural and chemical products in the U.S. This is far too widespread in the government to cover in this article, just do a Google search and you will uncover mind boggling examples of this. Apparently holding any high position in government regulatory agencies seems to insure employment in an executive capacity with chemical or agricultural corporations. On the flip side, our food and environmental agencies are well staffed by former agribiz executives. You have to be a fool to think that the regulations regarding the safety of modern agricultural practices in the United States are done strictly with the safety of the consumer in mind without tremendous bias involved.

The positive evidence.

In a recent experiment in growing organic foods, the Gardens for Research Experimental Education and Nutrition grew leeks and potatoes in bio dynamic soil with proper microbes in the soil such as found in organic gardens. The potatoes had fifty times higher calcium content and the leeks had four time the calcium content of conventionally grown produce. That is truly astounding.

isolated-219955_640In a Study in Denmark, 3 different groups of rats were fed either totally organic food, conventional food with chemicals and fertilizer or natural fertilizers but containing chemical pesticides. In the study, the rats fed the organic food slept better, weighed less, and their immune systems were noticeably stronger.

In another study, fruit flies that ate conventional soy survived half as long as fruit flies that fed on organic soy. Was that based on one being GMO based or was it being pesticide free? Personally we think these sorts of studies are purposely overlooked due to the strong political and lobby influences of big Pharma, Agriculture and Chemical companies in our government, universities and medical professions. Many people believe that the National Rifle Association or some other bugga boo have the largest lobbies in Washington. Nope, that would be the Pharmaceutical industry (you know the ones who sell the vast amounts of growth hormones and antibiotics to farmers). Though the Stanford study claimed to find no differences between the Escheria coli bacteria contamination  between conventional and organically raised animals, conventional meat has been found to have 33 percent higher risk of contamination with bacteria that has become resistant to 3 or more antibiotics.

These are but a few of the examples of studies we don’t hear about that support the use of organic products. Even a doubting Thomas would have to wonder about the information we are fed against an organic diet in light of the pervasive influence of giant agribiz on our government, medical community and media. When hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake, beware of what you are sold as “fact.”

If for no other reason, go to the local organic food outlet, buy some fresh fruits and veggies. Do your own taste test and you will be sold on that alone, that organic is the way to go!